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Below are pieces of my own writing, written throughout the life of this blog. Please, I invite you, to read them and to share your thoughts. Thank you!

  • handed a ticket through blood
    the circus is in town and I’m handed a ticket through blood. a strong man melts to nothing at the sight of his sorrow not standing there. the siamese twins don’t share much in common besides loose cloth. the bearded lady […]
  • Thanks For The Poetic Warning
    What strange times we’re living in.  The times they have-a done changed, old friend.  Thanks for the poetic warning.  A scene far stranger than the governments anti-psychedelic propaganda campaigns of the sunshine years.  Only the lookers could see this coming.  You […]
  • Once Again
    By Justin Cude I’ve been out there in the burningwindthe ground roaring underand I’ve seen it and felt it’s powerit’s ragetil it’s end and I don’t like newtobegin when I can’t seecan’t seebackoverwhere I’veover where I’ve beenwho does?who can?who than?But I’ll […]
  • The Books We Read
    I’ve read tons of books lately. Hold on. Bear with me. I don’t say that with any type of pretentious. Its just a way to start this piece. But, seriously, lately I have read tons of books. From Self-help horrors to […]
  • What More?
    What more is there to say? What words are left to write? You’re born from the sun, you live with the day, and you die into the night. I know there are tricks in between, but all we can do is […]
  • The Way Things Happen
    “It’s not suppose to go a certain way, it’s just suppose to go.” — Unknown We all carry with us expectations, for every facet of this life, it’s path and the way we envision things to go.  This is dangerous, and […]
  • The Internal Narrative
    Many times in our lives we are the only one’s keeping our story or our narrative alive, through the internal dialogue we choose to let run in continuum, many times allowing it the autonomy to remain on repeat; stop this, unless […]
  • Change, As It Is
    “It’s funny how people just won’t accept change. As if nature itself — they’d prefer — rearranged… If you have followed my writing for any stretch of time now, you will have noticed that most of my words dance with some […]
  • Dreams, Suffering and Love
    “Only three things can change our life: Dreams, Suffering and Love.” — Paulo Coelho Think about it. Think of all the changes you have experienced thus far, no matter your age nor any other differentiating factor between you and someone else. […]
  • For Those Along and to Be
    “This too shall pass.” At the onset of any new change, the moment you realize that of which is upon you, far before your understanding of its presence begins to even attempt, before you allow yourself to succumb to the brutality […]
  • I have nothing to say here. This is only an attempt to break a horrible, inactive writing streak…
    I haven’t sat down to write in a while. I haven’t been able to find the words. They just haven’t been there lately. I’ve had nothing to say and I don’t know why. And, well, this is my attempt to break […]
  • Moon of the Morning Sky
    It’s a contradiction, but it happens. It’s not supposed to be there, but it is. It’s a symbol of the night, but I’m enjoying its presence this very morning, amongst a sky bluer than the richest of ocean, caught within the […]
  • Behind That Door
    There’s so many things in my life that repeat. Maybe for yours, the same. I’ve been there before. I’ve felt that way. I’ve seen where this leads. I’ve experienced that pain. Maybe for you, the same. I know what’s behind that […]
  • You Have All You Need
    More. But why? Look around; you have all you need. Your entire being a vehicle, designed for survival and for thrive, for experience and for expression. No more gimmicks, no need for external aid, be gone with the thought ‘with this […]
  • This Place Is Empty
    The day was hazy as many before have been, and many beyond this I’m sure will be. I’m in a different place, and even here my life, this moment, feels the same; hazy. The air is hot, no wind to cool […]
  • That’s Life
    It’s been about a year, a little over a year now, since I moved away from the city I have always been pulled to, even as a little kid. The one I learned to love for what it is, not for […]
  • Anthony Bourdain’s Life, Confidential
    “As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks — on your body […]
  • Stuck In The Amber
    Here we are, such as we are; and whether or not we are pleased with this moment, we have no other choice than in accepting it. “All time is all time. It does not lend itself to warning or explanations. It […]
  • If The Fates Allow
    I am away. Far away now from most of the things in this life I have come to love, to accept, to miss. And that I do; I miss them all, deeply. But this I chose, and this choice was hard, […]
  • “The fun of talk is to explore…”
    The next conversation you find yourself in, do me favor; explore, and have fun doing so. How many times do we find ourselves a part of the typical, mundane, monotonous sharing of words, of which we all care very little of […]
  • To Each Their Own
    I’m tired. However, and I realize this, I’m tired of all of which I know to be of my control, of my choice. I’m tired of the comparison. Of comparing myself with others; their wants, their needs, their dreams and pursuits, […]
  • Nothing More
    It isn’t lonely, for I have been there before. Its absence, nothing more. Pair this short read with ‘The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone‘, brought to you by Maria Popova’s brainpickings.
  • Remember, you must die.
    Death; oh, how it has flooded my mind lately. More appropriately, the thought alone has consumed my attention, stood defiantly in place against my hesitant rebuttal, and toiled with my attempted understanding of its ominous position. However, with this, and with […]
  • Move On And Let It Be
    When I find myself in times of troubleMother Mary comes to meSpeaking words of wisdomLet it be… When you find yourself in times of trouble, whoever or whatever Mary may be to you and your natural incline, let the guidance of […]
  • How To Spend Our Lives: In The Moments, Of Course.
    Are you there yet? Are you where you want to be? Or, better yet, are you where you believe you should be? Are you doing whatever it is you would like to do? With whom you intended to do it with? […]
  • Reality’s Delusion: How Sure Are We?
    “Reflect often on the speed with which all things in being, or coming into being, are carried past and swept away.” Recently, in conversation with a new acquaintance, a perspective was shared with me, or rather towards me, depicting the substance […]
  • ‘The Man In The Arena’: Much More Than A Quote
    As I write, I am under the assumption that most of you who will read this post will have also had prior exposure to the ambitiously moving quote from Theodore Roosevelt, known now more prominently as “The Man In The Arena”. […]
  • A Haitian Proverb
    [bctt tweet=”Behind mountains are more mountains.” username=”cityreadsnyc”] In the presence of mountains, simply observe. Do they stand alone, isolated and surrounded by terrain of less impressive and of less daunting physique? No. They instead are surrounded by more mountains, though different […]
  • What is a Prospector?
    What is a prospector? It’s someone who believes it’s out there; who wakes up every morning, again, and again, and again… and again… believing it’s out there. And then it’s not. Right? It’s not. And he’s standing on the edge of […]
  • Neil Young on one’s Fervent, Unyielding Search for the Fabled ‘Heart of Gold’
    I want to live, I want to give I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold. It’s these expressions I never give That keep me searching for a heart of gold. With an air of melancholy surrounding his tones entirety, […]
  • Ticking Away
    Awoken, laying in bed the other morning, every breath released I heard a ticking noise, like that of a clock. Honestly, it kind of scared me then, but I laid there listening for it all the more so. Whether real or […]
  • Van Morrison on Love and its Dynamic Journey
    The journey’s longer than I thought my love. There’s lots of things Get in the way. But every time I think of you You just steal my heart away. For a world currently obsessed with instant gratification, a false-sense of the […]
  • #JustFinished: Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning”
    Early this past Saturday morning, sitting outside Ridgewood’s ‘Boulangerir Patisserie’ coffee shop, in what seemed to be the first sunny day of Spring for the City of New York, I finished one of my current reads; Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For […]
  • Viktor Frankl on Suffering and Spiritual Freedom
    But what about human liberty? Is there no spiritual freedom in regard to behavior and reaction to any given surroundings? Is that theory true which would have us believe that man is no more than a product of many conditional and […]
  • #JustFinished: Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”
    “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd Traveling along the Atlantic east coast, up Highway 13 through the small towns of Chesapeake Bay, I finished one of my […]
  • “Iron” Mike Tyson on the Gift of Life
    I have been a fan of boxing for as long as I can remember. The brutal and honest expression of two beings giving their all for something they have placed value upon greater than themselves; what more can we ask for. […]
  • Janis Joplin on the Urgency for Love
    Towards the end of an innately passionate and deeply sexual live recording of Janis Joplin’s ‘Ball and Chain’, the uniquely beautiful and equally as talented artist reminds us all of the importance of urgency for love within our brief experience we […]
  • #JustFinished: Dalton Trumbo’s “johnny got his gun”
    Sipping my Americano at the corner of Rivington and Clinton at the Lower East Side’s Marm Cafe, I finished one of my current reads; Dalton Trumbo’s “johnny got his gun”. It is my belief that by being exposed to the darkness […]
  • Our Purpose…
    … to provide insights into what everyday New Yorkers are reading, through asking them the following questions behind the meaning of their current read: 1) How did you come across the book? 2) So far, what perspective have you gained from i […]

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